WATCH: The Right Personal Branding & Design Strategy

José is a Senior Brand Strategist focused on creative video concepts and visual materials that enhance and showcase companies & brands across multiple platforms around the world. His specialty involves understanding the vision of brand owners. So if you've got some questions that you would like him to answer during this talk, then use the chatbot on the side of this page to send in your questions in advance.





José hails from the beautiful Caribbean islands of Saint Lucia with family roots in Trinidad and Tobago and although he resides in Europe, you can still hear his proud Caribbean accent beaming through during his speaking engagements. José started off in television as a content creator for a few major networks and from there built his connections with major advertisers which later piqued his interest in marketing and branding and lead to him gaining his qualifications and experience in those fields. José now has a keen interest in working with and building SMEs to a level where they can compete on the international stage and he prides himself on the creative way in which he is able to dig deep into the psychological makeup of the actual people who are running their business.


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