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Founder of the Lawtrepreneur Community and Host of the Lawtrepreneur Briefing podcast, Romesh Hettiarachchi is a writer, speaker, and lawyer providing thoughtful and strategic insights that help businesses modernize their business models. If you've got some questions that you would like him to answer during this talk, then please email us or you can use the chatbot on the side of this page to send in your questions in advance.





Romesh founded B&I Legal Counsel to cater to the legal needs of clients who recognize the value of ongoing and proactive commercial legal advice. Responsible for the strategic direction of the firm, Romesh integrates ideas intersecting brand, business and technology in the commercial operations of B&I Legal Counsel.

Romesh’s legal practice focuses on commercial negotiations and dispute resolution. A trained negotiator, Romesh’s negotiates hard on the issue, soft on the people.

Romesh also represents businesses in commercial disputes at all levels of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


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